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THRILL - To have or cause a sudden feeling of excitement or pleasure.

“Tell me a fact and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.” -Indian Proverb

We are a PR agency relentlessly focused on helping you unleash your creativity to communicate and thrill one or many around your story. 

Our work is rooted in making your story stick thru the value and nurture of CREATIVITY - an endangered skill within individuals and corporations.

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution upon us and Artificial Intelligence becoming the standard, the value of CREATIVITY is on the rise, becoming one of the top three skills we need by 2020*. 

At THRILL, we believe creativity is like any other skill - you need to practice, practice, practice to gain expertise in this area. The ability to be creative is something we are all born with - some people can access the right side of their brains quicker than others. 

We created this agency because we believe that everyone and everything has a good story to generate a thrill - that infectious feeling of excitement, delight or even tingle inside. A story that can not only drive one’s business or personality, but give you an authentic voice to connect with humanity and affect a positive perception, action or movement. 

It's what drives us to work for you! 

Learn more about our services and capabilities below. 


*According to the World Economic Forum.  

The Team

Co-Founders Colleen and Ryan Bowling

Co-Founders Colleen and Ryan Bowling

We're a husband and wife team with joint passions for storytelling, disruption, creativity and breaking away from the norm. These passions lead us to the disruption of our own lives in 2018 to form an extraordinary communication agency, THRILL Communications. The infectious feeling of 'a thrill' is the foundation of our agency. We all know this feeling, the shivers of excitement you get when you see your story retold in the media, the goosebumps that appear when you notice your social following doubling, the burst of energy that fills you and your colleagues when recognized for aid in the development of a better society for all - - this is THRILL. These are feelings and successes we want to bring to you through our partnership.

Getting that thrill is what has kept us going in our careers now for over 20 years. During that time, we've been fortunate to work on small businesses to some of the most iconic brands in the world. From in-house to agency environments across the globe-spanning public relations, marketing, events and package design across various industries (Technology, Consumer Packaged Goods, Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals, Professional Services), we feel the knowledge, perspective and experience garnered, can be of great value to you. 

We are based in Los Angeles, but before LA, we worked in San Francisco/Silicon Valley, as well as on the East Coast in the New York City area. Though in LA, we're globally minded and experienced. No matter where you are in the world, your industry and role, we are accustomed to working in various type of environments and are ready to be nimble for you.

Here's a bit more about each of us:



With over 20 years in global corporate reputation management and brand PR, Ryan is extremely agile and relentless in his ability to connect people, places, and things to make a story stick, drive value and THRILL. Ryan’s strong perspective and empathy for business and communication leaders underscore his diverse industry experience spanning technology, food, agriculture, consumer packaged goods, entertainment, and sports across all major markets.

As many of the world’s iconic brands have made great pivots in their company and industry, Ryan has been there to develop strategy, advise and guide them through these transformations. As Spokesman and Manager of PR at Sony PlayStation, he helped drive the maturity of video games on equal footing to the motion-picture industry. As Director of Communications for Mars’ brands, Ryan creatively kept brands like Snickers and M&M’S continually top-of-mind thru disruptive social content campaigns, publicity stunts and partnership programming with NASCAR, NFL, and Emmy’s. As Global External Communications and Digital Media Director, he managed the development and rollout of Mars’ first global corporate narrative thru media relations, thought leadership with c-suite and the Mars family including its first-ever CSR communications strategy and corporate social media presence. As a Practice Lead and Partner at FleishmanHillard, Ryan developed a new vision for FH's technology practice in San Francisco/Silicon Valley to support tech and non-tech companies - big and small, and position them as innovative among the tech elite. Most recently, as SVP of Corporate Communications and PR at the Wonderful Company, he aided in the development and evolution of its community and education impact story in California's Central Valley.

Throughout his career, Ryan has been included on the top 40 under 40 Brand Innovators list and has been a featured speaker for the Sports Business Journal Sports Marketing Conference, WOMMA, PR News, BrandWeekSF, Bulldog Reporter and others.

Outside of PR, Ryan enjoys hiking, traveling, biking and playing at the beach or pool with his wife and four energetic kids. Fun Fact: Ryan loves the ocean and going fast whether by boat or by his physical ability. So much that he’s raced in a powerboat at over 150mph and swam from the famous Alcatraz Island.


Colleen brings professionalism, creativity and ten plus years of account and project management experience. Her drive and motivation are a great asset to any project. Her expertise spans the industries of food & beverage, technology, personal care, and pharmaceuticals. Colleen's project management and leadership experience are just as expansive as these industries. She has managed projects for package design, advertising sales/implementation and marketing plan execution with MC2, Ziff Davis Media and Anthem WW, Inc. 

When Colleen steps away from her work she can be found hiking in the hills of LA, working on her creative skills thru short exercises, jumping waves & playing in the sand with her four kids on the Malibu beaches, or grabbing a delicious sushi dinner and a drink at her favorite local spot - Kushiyu with her partner in crime and hubby Ryan.

Fun Fact: Colleen doesn't have any sign of an Irish brogue, but she was born in Ireland. She immigrated to the USA in the early 80's but loves everything Irish and travels there often for family events.






We're based in Los Angeles, California and work globally. 




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To ensure our services work as hard as they can for you, first, we immerse ourselves into your business and facilitate a briefing process that addresses your overall business objective and what you want your audience to see, feel and do as a result of our services.


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Why we are Right for you...

Creative storytelling is our passion!

We have a hunger for Thrills! It’s what has kept us in the creative industries of marketing communications for over 20 years.

We’re very approachable! We are a husband and wife team that have been dreaming and planning the launch of our creative storytelling agency for over five years.

Our enthusiasm and curiosity for learning are evident in our project immersion process. We want to get to know you, your business, your team and current situation.

Our mission is to spread the message, ‘creativity is within us all’ by providing you with simple, practical ways to unleash and develop this skill. We must remember that all of us have the ability to be creative! Creativity drives us to communicate, connect and form a community.

We are Thrill advocates – no matter your industry or role, we want as many people as possible to feel that Thrill of a powerful message - a brand or company they can get behind; a story that can be retold and retold while bringing people together to form connections and community.

To see us on video check out our Instagram link below. 

Thanks for visiting and learning more about us. We look forward to working with you soon!